Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 68, Sabaneta, Dominican Republic

Wow the church is true. I mission is great and the DR is the best place on earth. Sorry for that last fact... 

I see miracles every day and see and hear and learn things that help my testimony to grow ever so stronger every day. 

Miercoles we had intercombios. I worked with Hermana Cristancho from Colombia. I love her and was so happy to be able to go to her area and learn from her and her investigators. It was fun to be back in Navarrette and was fun to have flash backs of my good times in Navarrette. 

Jueves we taught Stefany. Her family members are all JWs, but she really wants to know what church is true. We came back after contacting her and talking a little to find out that she had read a lot and had so many great questions. We also met a neighbor of the family Bonilla named, Deogene. I'm hoping that they will help each other and motivate each other to read and go to church.

Viernes we visited Dulce. We brought up baptism again with her and after a lot of talking she finally just said ¨not for a while¨ Its hard when people know things are true but don't act. I'm trusting in the Lord's timing and hope that one day she will decide to act.

We have a lady named Rosa who lives by us and who always sells us lemon aid. Finally we decided to contact her and set a date to go visit her and her family. When we came back the next time it turned out that our stake patriarch has passed by that same day and gave her a Book of Mormon with his testimony in it. It is clearly her time and she clearly needs to hear about the gospel.

Victoria continues to learn and read and pray. She is excited to be baptized but is nervous to fall in sin after. We are not perfect! That is why we get baptized and repent and repent and repent again! I just wished that everyone could realize that we don't need to be perfect to go to church or pray or even be baptized! It's a life long process and through baptism and the Holy Ghost we are not alone!

Sabado we were contacting and heard country music. I think it is the first time in 1 year hearing country music. Anyways so we contacted the house and found Maria! Her and her family are so cute and so willing to learn. I hope to give you happy updates on her next week! Then we had another awesome lesson with  Yamilka and talked more about her baptism. She is excited and loves the gospel.

Domingo was awesome! We got to church and met Leroy. He just moved here from Santo Domingo and isn't a member. He shared with us his story and bore his testimony too. While he was in the capital studying he met a member girl and fell in love with her. She was a RM and told him that she wants to marry a member. He studied for the next 7 years trying to prove that the church is false. He read 100s of books and magazines and read the book of Mormon 6 times trying to find an error. All he got was a testimony. He fell in love with the gospel but was scared to get baptized because he didn't want to sin! He told us that it is his time and that he wants to be baptized! What a surprise and what a blessing to be able to meet him and learn from his testimony!

The Lord blesses us in the most unexpected ways. I know when we are obedient and listen to the holy Ghost he will guide us to do HIS work and find HIS children who are ready to accept the gospel! I love the gospel and I love the mission!

Hermana Bake

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Never give up on anyone that includes not giving up on yourself

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