Monday, July 17, 2017

week 65, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

This week started off with a sister training meeting. My companion and I went to Santiago and met up with the other sister in the mission. It was fun to see all of them and learn from each other. We talked about our potential as women and missionaries. As I looked  around the room I realized that I was one older missionaries in the group.

We met with Yermi and Vladimir early this week and set a date for her to be baptized. We were all excited that she has finally made her mind to be baptized.

Ivanni has also decided to be baptized but her mom, who isn't a member, is putting bad thoughts in her mind. I feel bad for her. It's not easy to make a big decision like this, but she also knows what is right. She continues to go to the activities and church and baptisms. She reads her scriptures and pamphlets and is super smart. I hope that she can remember what really matters and who's plan is best for her.

Christie continues to be awesome and continues to be an example. I really love her and I'm grateful for her and for the opportunity that I had to teach her. Sometimes when I think about the investigators that I have taught I realize that maybe they were really meant to help me in my life. I really believe that Heavenly Father puts people in our lives for a reason. Look for the good in everyone around you. Look for the things that you can learn from them.

Eddy is still super active. He moved to an area a little farther away outside of Puerto Plata, but he continues to be active. He comes to activities and church and is excited to go to camp. On Saturday he told us that he bought a white shirt and tie so that he could pass or bless the sacrament! I about died of happiness. 

Christie gave a talk for his baptism and rocked it. I'm excited for her to serve a mission and to see all the people that she is going to bless! 
But back to Michael...He wasn't too happy with the jumper hahah but he was excited and ready to be baptized. He showed up super early to church ready to be confirmed. 

An update on Carlos. We passed by Tuesday to visit him. He told us that his mom is SUPER catholic and that he lives with her right now. He has made the choice to move so that he can be baptized. He had the desire to get baptized and is making a big sacrifice for the things he knows are true. I know that he will be blessed for his sacrifice and that our Heavenly Father will give him the strength. He is an great example to me and I hope that his family and friends can see that too.

Sunday I was asked to talk in church. Saturday night the bishop asked me to talk and I remembered Sunday in the morning...opps. I talked about missionary work and the importance of member missionary work.

Elder Najera also gave a talk about the book-story called ¨You are Special¨ by Max Lucado
The book teaches a lesson that in our lives many people are going to judge us for the things we do or don't do or say or don't say, but the only person we should be worried about is what our Heavenly Father thinks of us. He is our Father. He loves us. He made us the way we are. All of us are different and make mistakes but our Heavenly father loves us and wants us to be happy. 

I hope that you all can remember that this week! You are special and the only thing that matters is what our Heavenly Father thinks of us. I hope that you can all continue to be examples to your friends and family and that you can show others the light of Christ that is in everyone of us! I love all of you and I am grateful for your examples and love! Have a great safe week!

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