Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 64, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


This week I learned a lot. As time goes by I continue to learn and I am grateful for that. This life is our chance to learn and every day there are things to learn.

Martes we had a zone conference. We woke up early to go to Navarrete and passed by my old area. We learned more about how there are people prepared to receive Christ. Everyone is born with the light of Christ and is prepared to hear the gospel. We just need to find the people who are ready at this moment to accept and live this His gospel. In order to do this we need to open our mouths. As members of the church we have a lot of friends who are already members, but we also have friends, family, and neighbors who aren't members and who can benefit from the blessings and happiness that we have. It is our responsibility to share with them the things we know, have, and love. 

Miercoles we clean a forest area that was way over grown. We all left with wounds, but it was a blast. The man who owned the area lived in the United States for years and kept trying to talk to me in English. He kept telling his neighbors and friends that we are Americans (even though I was the only one).
We also went to Sosua to talk with Carlos and Juan about Carlos´ baptism. Carlos wasn't there but we had an awesome lesson with Juan, who is a recent convert of 3 years. He is a rock star missionary and isn't embarrassed to share the gospel with anyone who wants to listen. He is a real big example to me. 

Jueves was our day to contact. We put the things we learned from the conference in action and talked to everyone. When we asked for directions we contacted. When we passed by people outside working we talked to them. It was easy and I was surprised at the amount of people who accepted our message who I normally wouldn't have contacted. We met some really awesome people and I'm excited to see them progress.

Viernes and Sabado in the morning we painted the house of a member. We ended with even more wounds - which was surprising from just painting a house. All in all it was a blast to serve our investigators and members. It was also a great way to find new people to teach and show them that we are here to help. In more than one way. We also had an awesome lesson with Ivanni. We taught her about the principals and ordinances of the gospel. When we planned earlier in the week we planned on inviting her to be baptized on the 29th of July, but when the time came to invite her the 22nd of July kept coming to my mind. I didn't want my companion to get mad at me for changing the date, but it was a super strong feeling. So I invited her to be baptized the 22nd. She accepted and was super happy and excited. After the lesson my companion said that she had the feeling for the 22nd as well and was going to tell me to change it. I was grateful for the spirit who guided us in this lesson. I am grateful for the little things that we are guided and prompted to do and say every day. The gospel is a wonderful thing and is perfect in every way.

We also visited Christie and Michael. Michael continues to prepare for his baptism and is excited. Christie, the other day, learned about the council from Gordon B Hinckley that we need to be reading the scriptures for 20 minutes everyday. She has put that in practice and has been an example to her brother. She asked him the other day if he had read his scriptures and invited him to read. Christie has also watched almost every Mormon message and is now starting to listen to conference talks! They are both awesome and are such great examples to each other, their friends, their family, and to me!

Domingo was supposed to be the baptism of Carlos, but he never showed up. It was sad and a little heart breaking. We don't know what happened, but I'm praying that everything works out okay and that we can continue to work with him.

I know that God has a plan for each of us. I know that his plan is perfect. I know that his gospel is perfect and that as we start, or continue, to live his gospel our life will change and we will receive the blessings that He has waiting for us! I love this gospel so much! I know I say it a lot but it is because it is true! The gospel is perfect! God loves us! And I love you all too! I hope you all have a great week!

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