Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 67 Sabaneta, Dominican Republic


It's hard changing areas, but I've been so blessed to have met so many great people in every area. Sabaneta is in the middle of no where and is hotter than the sun. It is in the hundreds all day long and the sun burns. They always yell at us telling us to use umbrellas for the sun. We have started doing that and despite feeling super Dominican I love not getting burnt every day. 

Lunes we had a family night with a recent convert who has family members who are members of the church too. They are so cute and I am falling in love with sabaneta and the people here.

Martes we had several lessons including Katherine, a new investigator who we found. She is super awesome and accepted to be baptized the day we met her. Diosmari is a girl who we met who is here living with her mom for a little bit. She actually lives in new York and bonded with us as we talked about the struggles of learning a new language. She also is super smart and understands very well. Dulce and her daughters are investigators who were taught by missionaries a long time ago but we have started to teach her again. She told us that she feels the need to do something because whenever the missionaries are visiting her she continues to have hard times but is happy and can feel peace in those times. She knows the church is true and wants to act on those feelings.

Miercoles we had the best lesson with Victoria. We talked about prayer and scripture study. She said that she was having a hard time the other day and decided to pray and read her Book of Mormon and felt so happy afterwards! Kenya is another one of our investigators who has a super hard life and has really accepted God and has so much faith that through him she can find happiness! I love the faith of the people here. We just need to help them the ACT on their faith...

Jueves we had a great lesson with Ana and Genesis who we finally found again after so much time! They are a mom and her 11 year old daughter. We read the scriptures with them and talked about church and baptism. Genesis is such a great example to her mom and always motivates her to read and go to church.  Hermano Vargas is an older member who has been sick. We passed by his house to see if we could do something for him or his mom and he just said ¨I know that prayer would really help me.¨ As he struggles through his pain he continues to keep his faith and set an example to me and others in the branch.

Viernes we finally found Jamilka and her baby Estrella again! After we contacted her we could never find her again and I could not stop thinking about her. We finally met with her and even with her distracting baby she paid so much attention! She really wanted an answer and accepted a date to be baptized too!

After the happy moments there comes hard moments. Sabado was probably one of the worst days of my mission! In the morning all of our lessons and back up lessons fell through and we contacted in the blazing hot sun until lunch. After lunch ALL of our lessons and back up lessons fell through and we contacted in the biggest down pour- lightning thunderstorm all afternoon and all night. No one wanted to talk to us or let us in and I just wanted to cry and go home. I wish I could tell you that we found someone....but we didn't. 

Domingo was a great day. The assistants to the president showed up because the stake patriarch is in our branch and one of them was getting their blessing. The other one just got to enjoy our cute little branch. I was blessed to give a talk and lead the music and we taught the 3rd hour lesson! It felt a little like the Hermana Bake show but I was glad to help. The best part was that Victoria came to church!!!!!! I literally cried when she walked in and I gave her the biggest hug. She loved church and learned a lot. After more of our lessons falling through we wanted to go home so bad but knew that we needed to have faith to keep going in these hard moments. We stuck it out again and at 8:30 at night we contacted the cutest lady. Her brother is a member in new York and her mom has listened to the missionaries before. She was more than happy to listen to us and we were more than happy to teach her.

Overall I still love the mission and I love being a missionary. Yeah it's not easy but its worth it! I love this gospel and know its true!

¨Be not afraid, only believe¨ Mark 5:36

Hermana Bake

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  1. Those hard days help to build your faith and strength! You are amazing and you are helping people to change their lives! Thank you.