Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 60 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Lunes was such an awesome day. Pday ended and we headed to teach Christie and Michael. We talked to them about tithing and the law of chastity. They practically taught us and bore testimony to us about the importance of these commandments. Then we asked them what they felt like they were missing before their baptism. We knew they were ready and didn't know what more to do to help them to realize that. We talked about testimonies and faith. Christie had worked on her personal progress the day before and had learned a lot about faith. She told us that she doesn't know everything but that she has faith and that faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things. She then informed us that she was going to be baptized Saturday! She was so excited and kept saying that she felt so happy and so good about her decision. Michael said that he still needs more time but that he will be baptized. 

When we ended to lesson and were walking away Hermana Letinu and I both looked at each other. I asked her what she had fasted for the day before. Normally on fast Sundays we fast together or talk about it but last Sunday we both just fasted on our own. She told me that she had fasted for Christie to be baptized. I started to cry. We didn't plan on having a baptism this week but for some reason i felt that I needed to fast to have a baptism this week. I had a lot of faith but didn't know who would be baptized. Hector an older man (my grandpa from Bonao) called and told me that he finally is getting baptized and wanted me to come. I really wanted to but didn't make plans to go to his baptism because i had faith that we were going to have a baptism here in Puerto Plata. I'm so happy for Hector and im glad that i was able to find him and teach him in Bonao. I'm grateful for the missionaries who continued to teach him and finally helped him to be baptized. But I'm so grateful that Christie was able to feel prompted to follow Christ and be baptized.

Sabado was Christies big day. She passed her interview with flying colors. She would not stop talking about her mission and how she was going to go out and help us everyday and help all of her friends and her family to get baptized. She is such a great example to her family and friends.

Domingo we had Christina and her sons, Yermi and Vladimir, Carlos Miguel, Eddy and Damauris all come to church. Eddy continues to surprise me and continues to be awesome. I'm excited to see him grow more and progress in the gospel. This next transfer they are all going to be baptized and I really want to be here to see them and share this moment with them, but ill go were the Lord needs me and am excited to see what more he has in store for the next transfer. 

today all the missionaries met up at the church to play sports and write in journals. It was fun to see some of them getting calls from president saying that they are going to train or be a zone leader and be district leaders! It was sad saying good bye to them, but I know they will all do great in there new areas. The work of the Lord continues to grow.

I love this chance to be a missionary! I love the gospel and I love all of you!
Have a great week!

Hermana Bake

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