Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 59, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

 I want to give you all an update on my awesome friends and family here in Puerto Plata who we are working with.

Modesto, Vanessa and Dudani: So we started off teaching Modesto when I first got here to Puerto Plata. He has slowly been progressing and really studying and searching for his answers. Just recently we have started teaching his daughter Vanessa and his granddaughter Dudani. They are super sweet and I love them! Vanessa was excited about church and is progressing super fast. She has really helped her dad to progress and take that step of faith! Sunday they both came to church and loved it. Vanessa was a little hungry at the end so we stole crackers from the primary so that she could stay all 3 hours!

Yermi and Vladimir are the cutest couple ever! Vladimir is a great help in the lessons and has the strongest testimony ever. Yermi knows the church is true and wants to be baptized but wants to be more involved in the activities. She knows, and we know, that she just needs to take that little step of faith and get baptized.

Karalina is an older lady who we contacted the other day. It turns out that part of her brain ruptured and so it takes her longer to do things. We have been doing a lot of service for her and just love her. Her husband has warmed up to us too and we are planning to teach him too. She has a nephew who is on a mission right now in Chili and has a ton of family who are members. She is super cute and is awesome at reading and doing her homework that we leave with her.

Cilia is an old investigator who we were prompted to go back and teach and the lesson that we had with her was super great, so we will see.

Eddy continues to be a rock star. He has such a strong desire to learn and is progressing super fast! Sunday he showed up to church in his Sunday clothes and without his boot! The doctors said that he can play soccer in 2 months! I'm happy for him. He loved church and is making friends too!

Micheal and Christie are both progressing and love church! They live far away and both walked to church by themselves Sunday! Micheal was originally going to go out of town but decided not to so that he could go to church! They are both still scared to be baptized but we are still working hard with them! Sunday Christie kept talking about her future and her serving a mission etc. She will not stop talking about personal progress and always wants help with it! Micheal also said that he wants to serve a mission too! Ahhh they just need to be baptized! I love them both!

Osvaldo, Carmen, Harold and Damauris are a new family! We met them and the wife was getting ready to go to church but decided to stay and talk with us and then made dinner for us too! They have 4 kids but 2 live with them! They all know a lot about the gospel and all want to continue to learn! They accepted the Book of Mormon and were grateful for it! I love them and I am so excited to keep working with them!

Transfers are coming up next week and I'm a little sad. I think I might be transferred, but I know that God knows best and that the people here will continue to grow and progress in the gospel! I love them all and know that the gospel will bless their lives!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Till next week! Stay safe and stay strong!

Hermana Bake

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